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Five Great Ground Beef Recipes to Satisfy the Whole Family 3

Five Great Ground Beef #Recipes to Satisfy the Whole Family

  Including ground beef in meals is a simple and delicious way to provide the entire family with protein, iron, and B vitamins. Try one of these five ground beef recipes that are sure to satisfy the entire family.  Simple Korean Beef 1 pound lean wagyu ground beef 1 Tablespoon sesame oil 3 cloves garlic, […]

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Throwing a Pizza Party Your Kids Will Never Forget

  Pizza is a favorite for most kids.  Some of them can have it for all three meals and the two snacks in between.  If you are planning a kid’s party, a pizza party will definitely be a winner, but once they are full, you will need to find a way to entertain them or […]

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Party Planner Fresh Ideas to Change Up The Ice Breaker Games

Party Planner: Fresh Ideas to Change Up The Ice Breaker Games

    Not every party you host will live in guests’ memories forever. The difference in a party’s success or failure can be the activities that hook and engage attendees right away. If you play your cards and ice breaker games right, you can make sure everyone starts off the event right. There are a […]


Heat and AC Tips: Stay Comfortable While Reducing Your Bill

If you’re like most homeowners you hate seeing your energy bills come in the mail in the summer and winter when you need to use the AC and heat to stay comfortable. While there isn’t much you can do about them unless you’re going to fully solar, you probably still hate giving up all that […]



Teen in Trouble

Teen in Trouble? Learn Contemporary Methods for Correcting Misbehavior

It turns out that shoplifting is no longer a crime in Texas. Now it is called just plain theft. Many children cannot seem to stop their impulse to steal. It takes maturity and parental guidance to develop the necessary “moral muscle” to turn away from free access to great makeup or an iPod. If your […]

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Create a Homework Station in 5 Simple Steps #FallBackToSchool

To me, the hardest part of back to school is making sure my children are mastering their homework and studies. I believe the best way to overcome the homework woes is to prepare your home for learning — just as a teacher would prepare the classroom. Regardless if your child is in first grade, or […]


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Dental Care For Pets: Why It’s Important

  One of the most common things that pet owners overlook is their pets’ dental care. This is a real problem because oral health affects your pets’ quality of life and is a risk factor for all sorts of diseases. If you’re not already brushing your pets’ teeth and taking measures to ensure their overall oral […]

ITHACA, N.Y. - Fourth year students Aziza Glass, left, Singen Elliott, right, examine a horse's teeth with Dr. Earley.

(photo credit:  National Geographic Channels/Lisa Tanzer)

Check out All New Show- VET SCHOOL on #natgeowild 9/19 #vetschool

VET SCHOOL: NEW SERIES PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 19 10/9c Nat Geo WILD. Our newest series VET SCHOOL, premiering Saturday, Sept. 19 at 10/9c, follows students at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the top vet schools in the country! In medical school, students learn to care for one species. In VET SCHOOL students train to […]



Find Out Why Bloggers and Brands Need SnapChat

  2 billion beautiful full screen videos are being viewed daily on mobile devices by 100 million active Snapchatters. What is Snapchat Snapchat is an app designed for smartphones that is compatible for android and iOS users. If you’re looking to engage a new generation, Snapchat is the ideal way to reach 13 – 34 […]

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6 Cell Phone Games to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Educated

  Do you feel guilty when you let your preschooler play with your phone? Today’s tots are growing up in a high-tech society, and smartphones are a very important part of their world. Some parents even dedicate their old phone to playtime when they upgrade to a new one. There’s no need to feel guilty about offering a […]