How Legos Stimulate Children’s Imaginations & Promote Mental Development

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Lego-Ninjago-Garmatron-70504For parents one of the most important responsibilities in a parent’s life is making sure that their children grow up to be the best they can be. There is so much variety when it comes to toys these days, but educational toys, the ones that stimulate a child’s critical thinking, imagination and mental development are those that should interest all caring parents the most.

In fact, toys are a huge part of a child’s healthy development and when introduced in yearly years, the right toys can help to shape what the child will become when they grow.

Some of the most significant and effective of educational toys is the Lego line of building blocks. And they sure have come a long way in the past few years with elaborate big brick sets and the many themed sets:

  • Ninjago
  • Star Wars
  • Little People
  • LEGO City
  • Technic
  • Creator
  • Bricks and more
  • Chima
  • LEGO Harry Potter
  • Mindstorms
  • LEGO DC Super Heroes
  • LEGO Duplo
  • LEGO Hero Factory
  • LEGO Bricks & More
  • LEGO Games
  • LEGO Lord of the Rings
  • LEGO Hobbit
  • LEGO Galaxy Squad
  • More..

Imagination is a very important quality in people, just as Albert Einstein once said: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there will ever be to know and understand.’ If you have children then you know what it takes to develop their imaginative ability. And also how rewarding it is!

Lego is a classic toy, but it has been loved by kids for decades, and there is a good reason for that. If you are wondering how Legos stimulate children’s imagination, just give your kid one. You will sit and watch (if you are not playing along, of course) how those colorful interlocking blocks get transformed into all kinds of shapes imagined by the little one.

The child will start expressing through those pieces put together everything he sees within him or herself, all the great things he ever dreamt of.

The difference between Lego and other kinds of toys is that most toys today are built to do things on their own, or to guide you thoroughly through the processes, so the kid can learn to follow only leads and rules, somebody else’s rules. But lego building blocks free the imagination and let the child make up his own rules, play with ideas, shapes and thoughts, discover new ways to build things, to think, to enjoy.

Just watch how Legos stimulate children’s imagination and even you will be tempted to jump in and try it. The benefit, outside the game itself, is that your child will learn how to make faster connections in life between situations and information, helping his thinking to become more accurate and independent. A child that is stuck within rules and limits will hardly find a way ‘out of the box’ when situations demand it. Lego is one of those helpful joys of youth that open a kids mind, enlarge their horizons.

You most certainly know how rewarding it is to see your child managing a situation that seems a dead end, with an unexpected solution and the smile on his or her face as if that solution was the most obvious one there ever existed. That’s how Legos stimulate children’s imagination!

All kids should have at least one set of these great blocks, and ideally, a new set should be provided as the child grows each year.

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