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I was sincerely touched by Micheal Wahl’s story.  He found a need, he created a product and he changed lives.  We take things like diapers and our children’s health for granted.  Conditions in Haiti are beyond comprehension to me.  I never knew or thought about how one would raise their children without diapers.  Read below to see how YOU can help change lives with DriButts!

The DriButts Story- We Change Lives!



Michael Wahl is a 40-year-old missions pastor who made it his duty to ensure healthy and sanitary living for people in developing nations. As part of his work he helped install water filtration systems in some of the poorest parts of Haiti where there is no running water or bathrooms. During his time in Haiti, he began to notice something that troubled him.

“A mama was holding on to a baby that was naked and the mom bent down and picked up fecal matter with her hand and threw it out of the house after the baby had went and done her business on her,” Wahl, who lives in Georgia, told FoxNews.com. This was not an isolated case and Wahl knew that his efforts to bring clean water would be moot if this extreme poverty was bringing people into such close proximity with human waste.

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Dr. Joseph Rahimian, an infectious disease specialist and NYU Langone, told FoxNews.com that there are a whole host of deadly diseases, bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted through stool contact and “anything that reduces the transmission of those diseases will be very helpful.”

Knowing this, Wahl decided he had to do something to help avoid illnesses that are easily avoidable.

The solution was simple: a diaper. But the execution would prove to be much more difficult.

This is where this DriButts Diaper was created!