Plexus Slim and Kids!! News from Leanna’s Mom! ADHD, Autism- no match for Plexus!!

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I know, you’re thinking that Plexus Slim and children are just two things that shouldn’t go together.  But that’s just not true!  Plexus was developed originally for Diabetics to regulate blood sugar and help with chronic pain.  It does SOOO much more than just aid in weight loss!  It has been given to children for ADHD, learning disorders, Autism, and more.  It’s the most natural “pink drink” you can give your children and feel good about doing it!
My friend Denise joined Plexus not just for herself, but for her Non-verbal Autistic Daughter Leanna.  Here is what she had to say about how Plexus is working for her family:
Pam: Why did you become a Plexus Ambassador? Denise: I joined  for 2 reasons. One I wanted to lose weight for myself and to earn money for my family since I am a stay at home mom.   I have a special needs daughter with severe autism (non verbal) and she is the second reason I joined.   I heard a lot of good things from other parents that it has done wonders for their children I wanted to see if it would help Leanna also.
Pam: How has the “pink drink” been received by your daughter?  Denise: She has done well on it.   She loves it and actually asks for it. 
Pam: What changes have you noticed? Denise: I have noticed her sleeping better, her moods are better and she has less tantrums. She has been on it for a little over a week and everyday I see more and more changes in her.


Pam: What do you hope that Plexus will do for her? Denise: I hope she will continue to improve in all the things I mentioned above.  I also hope it improves her physical health – less ear infections,  colds, and also help her to talk.   
Pam: How about you? Are you taking Plexus Slim also?  If so what are your goals and have you seen any results yet?  Denise: I would love to be healthier physically and also lose weight  the  healthy way.   I want to keep it off as we all know it is hard to lose weight but when we do we worry about gaining it back.  I want to be healthy for myself and family  
Pam: What is the one thing you would tell parents about giving the pink drink to their children? Denise: I was worried at first because I do have young kids but after trying it myself and seeing Leanna doing so well with it, I would tell them to try it. I am happy I did!
I am excited to see in the months ahead how Leanna and I will do she is doing better  I am so glad I found Plexus Slim!

Thanks so much- Denise Smith 
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Here is a testimonial about a mother’s journey with Plexus and her child with ADHD:
This is my story on how Plexus Slim has helped my 8 year old with ADHD. Since my son was about 3 years old, I knew he had a problem. Then, and over the years I would notice that he was overly hyper, could not concentrate, liked things to be routine, would lie and believe it, had anger issues, uncontrollable noise would shut him down. Examples, radio, vacuums, tv, people talking loudly or laughing loudly. It hurt his ears so bad he would be in fetal position. I say uncontrollable because, if he was the cause of the noise, it didn’t bother him. I was told from 3 yrs. old that hes just being a little boy, he needs discipline, there’s nothing wrong!! I fought with his teachers because for little things he would get in a world of trouble. If he needed to tell his teachers something important, he would try and tell them and they would very rudely tell him to sit down and to shut up (not in MS schools!!). He would argue with them so he could say what he needed to say because, if he didn’t say it, he would forget it. Then that would upset him. He needs one on one and eye to eye. Coming from a family of teachers, I know that’s hard with a class full, but not impossible!
His self esteem started slipping away. As parents, we try so hard to build our children up. Because of getting in trouble at home for things he couldn’t help and for getting in trouble at school for trying to tell a teacher something, he was going down. Thought the world hated him. I actually found that on a piece of paper in his room,”Why does everyone hate me”! Not cool y’all, just not cool!!
I am a parent who does not like medication. Thought if I could get teachers, friends parents and who ever else, to understand and to help me, I could get away with no medication. Everyone was awesome, but the teachers. Again, not the MS teachers. I get so angry just thinking about how this one teacher did him. 2 years ago, my husband and I broke down and had him tested for ADHD. Doc confirms our thoughts and he is put on Adderall 10mg twice a day. Of course it started helping him and I was ecstatic. I did not like what he was or the side effects of it, but with the doctors assurance, we stayed with it. Plexus came into my life a few months back. I have used it, never thought in a million years of having my boy take it for ADHD. He has been on Plexus for less than a week. AND thy hyperness has cut down, but hes not a zombie! The arguments have cut down, the tantrums have cut down, his stress is gone, self-esteem is coming back up, he is sleeping at night, he can sit at the computer and play a game with out bouncing in the chair. He no longer has the dry look in his eyes. They sparkle and his smile just shines, his laugh is one of the best sounds I have heard in a long time.
When your child struggles with ADHD, ADD, Autism, etc. You, as a parent, start doubting yourself. What could I have done different, what am I doing wrong, why cant people just accept my child. Just like its not their fault, its not your fault. Be aware of the issue at hand, and do your best to help. A child with either of the above or more, is not spoiled, does not lack discipline, they are loving and caring children, they are smart beyond their years. Give them a chance. Learn from them. Heaven knows, I have learned so much from my 8 yr. old. But please, if you don’t want your child on harsh prescriptions, if you don’t want them to go through the world feeling unwanted or unloved, etc. Please give Plexus a try. From mother to mother, from parent to parent IT WORKS!!
For more information- please email me [email protected]
Go to my PLEXUS PAGE HERE for more info!  Use ambassador number 218907 please.
Thanks for reading!
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