Be a Nina Ricci in Your Own Right…

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Flowers and Fruits signify freshness. When you gift somebody fruits or flowers, you either mean good health or beauty to them.  These qualities of health, freshness, beauty, and love are captured within a perfume that is made using fruits and flowers.  Not only fruits and flowers, but the goodness and rich taste of spices is also trapped within the warm, pungent-smelling perfumes.


Many flowers are used in making perfumes. Roses, jasmine, lilies, violets, and plumeria are some of the most commonly used flowers for making perfumes. You may not always pick a perfume made from the exotic flowers of France. You can make your own perfume using flowers from your garden too. 

You can try your hands at selecting some fruits from the orchard and spices of your liking from your kitchen and start experimenting with creation of perfumes in a mini lab at your home. Housewives have a plenty of time at their hands to dabble into such perfume-making hobbies and create a perfume that soothes and pleases their senses. Spicy perfumes are the most popular with housewives.

If you want something that pleases your husband, and you want to rework the spark in your life, try making an ultra feminine perfume that attracts the olfactory bulbs of males and will make them go in their knees to court you once again. You may not be another Nina Ricci in the making, but will certainly win your husband’s attention which now doesn’t catch anything except his work. Nina ‘Maria’ Ricci was a famous fashion and perfume legend who started her fashion house along with her son Robert in 1932. The first perfume created by her house L’Air Du Temps still sells today. You may wear the Nina Ricci L’air Du Temps Eau De Toilette Spray if you are planning a date this evening.

If you want to create something that your kids would adore, you must try creating something out of their favorite fruits like apple, lemon, strawberry, peach, etc. Fruity perfumes are the best for both small and college-going teenagers as they feel fresh all day long by wearing them. If you want something that combines the essence of fruits, flowers, and spices, try a spray or two of the Guerlain Samsara Eau De Toilette Spray. I am sure you as well as your husband will be magnetized with its tantalizing fragrance.

Refer online for easy methods of making perfumes or sign up for a perfume-making course.  After making a few potions of perfumes, pour it in a lovely bottle that is unique and represents your style.

If you wish to start with flowers blooming in your garden to create your first fragrance, wake up early in the morning to pick the freshest of flowers with the strongest of smells. Always use distilled water for processing as it is the purest and devoid of chemicals that interfere with the natural aromas of flowers, fruits, or other essences. The fragrances of flowers are derived from their essential oils.

Whenever you choose to use a particular flower, herb, fruit, or spice to create a perfume, make sure that you or either of your family members for whom you are making it isn’t allergic to it. If you want to create the magic of French perfumes, use lavender, jasmine, roses, or daffodils. These form prominent notes in French perfumes.

One trick to make perfumes stay for a longer time on your skin is use of glycerin. One advantage of making perfumes at home is that you use natural ingredients in its making, and hence the perfume is in its purest or organic form. You get the real feel of the flowers, fruits or spices which is sometimes lacking or inadequate in manufactured perfumes. Moreover, you learn a lesson or two at perfumery and impress your loved ones.

Author Bio: Christine Stevens is a housewife and freelance writer who practices perfumery, cooking exotic dishes, and flower ornament-making in her pastime. She is a perfume lover and tries to experiment with different brands for different occasions. Her favorites are Nina Ricci and Guerlain Perfumes. She finds them extremely alluring and refreshing.

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